Quality Over Everything


Our favorite cannabis stinks up the room when you crack the jar, sticks to your fingers, and tastes smooth to the very end. To stay true to these standards, we built a farm rooted in product quality where we grow living soil cannabis that we are proud to smoke ourselves. We are growing world class genetics that we’ve hunted and curated with partners from across the country to bring the fire to the Northeast. 

If we won’t smoke it, we won’t sell it. Our flower is always hand selected, hand trimmed, and grown with integrity.

Solventless Extracts

Ember Gardens living soil hash highlights the unique traits of our favorite cultivars, creating the most flavorful authentic version of the plant free of solvents & pesticides. Quality comes first in everything we do, so we only use our top grade flower for extractions. No trim or floor nugs – fire in & fire out. 

Instead of drying and curing our flower, we flash freeze the crop & instantly preserve the volatile terpenes and aromas present on the plant. This fresh frozen material is then carefully turned into full-melt ice water hash, live rosin and more.

Always small batch and always crafted with intention.


In the kitchen we use our solventless hash to create a culinary experience of chef inspired edibles that are consistent, tasty, & accurately dosed.

These full spectrum solventless infusions provide a more full bodied effect when compared to the traditional distillate edibles on the market today. Ember Gardens will also create a wide range of topicals, tinctures, & other creative manufactured products.

Natural ingredients, fair trade supply, always made by hand.