About Us

Who is Ember Gardens?

Ember Gardens is a group of Massachusetts legacy operators who are passionate about living soil and pride themselves on natural manufacturing techniques such as ice-water hash and other solventless extractions and infusions. A company that is passionate about quality cannabis.

As a founder operated company, Ember Gardens embodies the phrase, “Quality Over Everything” and has curated a menu of only it’s favorite products and genetics through years of experience and partnerships across the country.

Who are you supporting?

Ember Gardens is locally owned and founder operated. As legacy operators, some of these founders spent years risking their livelihoods and freedom in the traditional market to help build this industry from the ground up on the West Coast & back home in the Northeast. By supporting local and founder operated businesses with good intentions for the industry, this would keep large corporations only focused on the bottom line from cornering the market. In this industry your reputation is everything, and Ember Gardens is building its name on products crafted with intention and integrity.


Ember Gardens preferred grow method is regenerative living soil – this style of growing gives the plant everything it needs in the soil to be healthy while avoiding all synthetic inputs and fertilizers.

Living soil is a community of microbes “living” in the soil that work together to break down organic matter providing valuable nutrition to the cannabis plant. Microbes are bacteria and fungi that process these precious nutrients¬† through decomposing organic matter and recycling old plant material. The soil web feeds this community of microbes using companion plants, arthropods, nematodes, worms and compost teas to create an environment where every nutrient the plant could ever need is available within the living soil.

Regenerative agriculture is a practice that benefits the biodiversity in the soil, enhances carbon drawdown, and improves the overall water cycles within the ecosystem. These practices have been proven to be the most holistic form of land management improving photosynthesis within plants which is a key element in the closure of the carbon cycle, increasing crop resilience, and promoting the biodiversity within the soil. By implementing regenerative agriculture & living soil at the cultivation site, Ember Gardens hopes to highlight how these principles can be more sustainable while creating a better product.

We only get one body and one planet. Regenerative farming and living soil go hand in hand as building up the health of the soil creates symbiotic relationships for all of Earth’s plant life and organisms. These methods of cultivating allow the cannabis plant to express its most authentic attributes using only natural inputs to grow cannabis that tastes amazing, is free of synthetic additives, and is environmentally conscious.¬†

Legacy Operators

The legacy market has always put a huge emphasis on product quality, and the best has always risen to the top. Ember Gardens wants to help recreate this principle in the new recreational market by highlighting the best brands and collaborating with like-minded operators who understand this mission. Quality products created with integrity – by smokers for smokers.

Ember Gardens is proud to be a part of the Massachusetts Social Equity Program, an initiative created by the Cannabis Control Commission to assist businesses owned by legacy operators, minorities, veterans, the LGBTQ+ community and those who were disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. As legacy operators, some who have served time for cannabis, and others who have been directly affected by the War on Drugs, our goal is to help create an inclusive industry that demands equity and inclusion for all.